Piano for Patients
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"Bringing youth 
and melody to 
nursing homes 
and hospitals."
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Performance Day

  • Dress Code:
    • No ripped clothing. 
    • No inappropriate logos or phrases.
    • Casual clothing is acceptable.


  • Code of Conduct
    • Arrive on time. 
    • Prepared with your musical selection.
    • Polite, courteous and approachable towards patients and staff members.
    • Always look happy, attentive and enthusiastic.
    • Announce your name and the name of your selected song (with a microphone and speaker, if accessible). 
    • Have respect and sit quietly while other members are preforming. 
    • Have transportation to and from the facility.


  • The Event
    • Arrive and check in at the front desk of the facility. 
    • Wait for other members. 
    • Go to room where the group is set up to play.
    • Leave 5 to 10 minutes at the end of each performance to mingle with patients.