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"Bringing youth 
and melody to 
nursing homes 
and hospitals."

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Click this link for:  An outstanding performance by Natasha at the Sands Point Nursing Home...

The Westport, CT PFP location continues to spread love and music throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with virtual performances. Check out their video below! We are so proud of their determination and kindness. 
UPDATE: We have a new location in Smithtown, NY lead by the PFP location leaders Catalina and Anabelle. We are excited to welcome this talented group to the PFP family.

Three Villages Location Spreads Joy!
The Three Villages location is bringing the gift of music to senior homes and hospitals in Stony Brook, Setauket, South Setauket, and Smithtown this holiday season! This location, lead by location leader William Sun, performs monthly and brings joy to those around them. Keep up the great work!
Piano for Patients In The Port Washington News!
Congratulations to PFP's Port Washington location on their feature in the Port Washington News! It's great to see recognition of the handwork that Emma Klein, Port Washington's location leader, and the rest of her group have put forward in order to bring music to their community. See the article herehttp://portwashington-news.com/piano-for-patients-brings-music-to-the-sick/

Check out the latest article about Brandon's location in Massapequa
Location leader Brandon Beusching put on an amazing show at BOCES this week! Upon his arrival the school had a poster for him and his performers! Well done Brandon!!
Marni Wilkoff (a once dedicated member to the Port Washington PFP location) has brought Piano for Patients to the next level! She has started a new location at the college she attends, Hobart and William Smith. She continues to show her initiative and passion toward the organization and towards others everyday. We are so proud of her! Keep up the great work, Marni!
Please take the time to look at the Newsday article and video about Piano for Patients! Congratulations to Marni Wilkoff, Natasha Talukdar, Cara Loozis, Ashley Larsen, Leah Weingast, David Tung, and Raj Talukdar, and thank you for all of your hard work. Piano for Patients is finally taking its first steps toward becoming a nation wide organization!


Piano for Patients will be featured in the Long Island Lifestyle section of Newsday Newspaper. Check it out March 10th! 
Below is an article that was recently written about Piano for Patients. The article was only supposed to be published in Jericho's Anton Newspaper, however, the editors loved the story so much that they published it centerfold in all of the Anton news papers in Nassau and Suffolk County, NY!

PIANO FOR PATIENTS INTRODUCES SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS PROGRAMS! Piano for Patients really appreciates the hard work of its Location Leaders and student volunteers. Location Leaders that are graduating seniors are now eligible to receive educational scholarships for their dedication. Outstanding student volunteers are also eligible to receive awards for their service throughout the year. Check out the Scholarship and Awards tab for more details. 

Piano for Patients reaches out to those affected by Super Storm Sandy and attended their local public library, which at the time served as a shelter. See the photo and videos below. 
Piano for Patients has a new location in North Woodmere, NY! Jericho's location leader, Coey Lee, has encouraged her group to take their talents to North Woodmere's nursing homes in order to spread the joy and melody. Her leadership and passion really show through. Way to go Coey!
Piano for Patient has solicited a donation of a grand piano! Thanks to the kindness of Mrs. Wisselman, the lives of many at the Jericho Nursing Home are enriched by the melodies brought forth by their new piano. 
September's performance at the Sands Point's Rehabilitation Center went extremely well! We closed the show with a spontaneous performance by a resident named Andrew. He got up to the front of the room before we ended and sang the song Hello by Lionel Richie in a beautiful and confident voice. All of the other residents applauded him and even told Andrew that he sang it better than Richie! His mother, who was also in the audience, was extremely proud of him and shouted to him "I love you Andrew." He replied, "I love you too, Mom." 
We have expanded once again to Jericho's rehabilitation center! A group of extremely talented students performed in front of a large crowd. After the show, the center awarded performers with certificates of accomplishment in community service. Piano for Patients is now active in three locations in Nassau County, and we continue to rapidly expand throughout Long Island. Check out the videos and photos of the show below!
A spectacular performance was given by Marni and Nikki at Roslyn's rehabilitation center this sunday, April 8th, to add to their Easter celebration. Both the volunteers and the residents thoroughly enjoyed the show and will return back in a few weeks! Below, there are additional photos from the performance.